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Time Flies!

Wow, What in the world happened? Where did time go? looking over the last pictures posted before this one, makes me really sad to know how much time has past and so much has happened since then.  So much that there is no possible way to add every picture that has been taken up to this date. So much growth and life lessons learned.

Right now, the kids are enjoying Christmas break. Every day Autumn asks if she has to go back to "stupid school" yet?!?  Bridger is growing like a weed and talking more every day. Autumn is continuously asking if a friend can come over and play.. and Bridger just wants to play this car game on the tv all day.

With the New Year approaching I am taking some time to reflect..  goals I want in the next year to happen.

Autumn- To choose to be baptized, Find confidence in her self with school and friends. Start playing an instrument. 
Bridger- No more diapers and bottles.
Me- Have some self control!!!  Maybe work on some time management...go on more hike…

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